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With decades in the med tech realm, I've encountered and evaluated countless software platforms. I'll share my Sevocity software review to provide clear, essential information, and determine if this tool aligns with your requirements. I'm here to guide you based on experience and expertise.

Review of Sevocity EHR's dashboard showing all features including patient scheduling, patient summary, and patient reports
Here's Sevocity's dashboard screenshot showing all features including patient scheduling, patient summary, and patient reports.

Sevocity Software Product Overview

Sevocity serves as an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Healthcare professionals, particularly those in small to medium-sized practices, constitute its primary user base. This practice management software facilitates better patient care by streamlining administrative and clinical processes. Sevocity is ONC 2015 Edition compliant, addressing redundant data entry, fragmented patient records, and time-consuming documentation. Key features include intuitive charting, integrated patient portals, and customizable templates.


  • Intuitive Charting: Simplifies entering and retrieving patient data, enhancing the speed of clinical workflows.
  • Customizable Templates: Allows practices to modify the software based on specific needs, ensuring relevance across specialties.
  • Integrated Patient Portal: Facilitates better patient engagement by offering a unified platform for appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and communication.


  • Limited Integrations: Some users find the range of third-party integrations restricted, affecting the software’s adaptability in diverse ecosystems.
  • Interface Aesthetics: The visual design of the platform isn’t as modern as some competitors, potentially impacting user experience.
  • Learning Curve: Certain functionalities might challenge first-time EHR users, necessitating more extended onboarding.

Expert Opinion

I've seen a gamut of EHR software solutions in my tenure, and Sevocity has distinctive attributes. Feature-wise, its intuitive charting and customizable templates are commendable, indeed surpassing many in its league. On the flip side, it does have room for improvement when I judge it on factors such as interface aesthetics and third-party integrations.

While pricing and support align with industry standards, its onboarding process might require patience. In comparing and determining the best fit, Sevocity would serve well for those practices valuing customization and patient engagement but might pose challenges for those seeking broader integration capabilities.

Sevocity: The Bottom Line

Sevocity carves a unique space for itself in the EHR landscape through its emphasis on customization. While many tools offer a rigid framework, Sevocity's template adaptability ensures practices can mold the software to their specific needs.

This level of personalization, combined with its integrated patient portal, makes it a standout choice for practices that value patient engagement and workflow flexibility. Its intuitive charting simplifies clinical workflows, representing another noteworthy feature many healthcare professionals appreciate.

Sevocity Deep Dive

Here's a deep dive into Caret Legal's features, best use cases, pricing, customer support, and other purchase factors.

Product Specifications

  1. Patient Charting - Yes
  2. Prescription Ordering - Yes
  3. Integrated Billing - Yes
  4. Appointment Scheduling - Yes
  5. Lab Integration - Yes
  6. Telemedicine Features - Yes
  7. Patient Portal - Yes
  8. Mobile Access - Yes
  9. Multi-location Support - Yes
  10. Customizable Templates - Yes
  11. Clinical Decision Support - Yes
  12. Reporting and Analytics - Yes
  13. Document Management - Yes
  14. Task Management - Yes
  15. Voice Recognition - No
  16. Image Storage - Yes
  17. Workflow Management - Yes
  18. Automated Patient Reminders - Yes
  19. Multi-provider Support - Yes
  20. HIPAA Compliance - Yes
  21. E-prescribing - Yes
  22. Insurance Verification - Yes
  23. Health Maintenance Reminders - Yes
  24. Interoperability - Yes
  25. Cloud-based - Yes

Sevocity Feature Overview

  1. Patient Charting: Enables healthcare providers to maintain detailed and organized patient records.
  2. Prescription Ordering: Streamlines the process of prescribing medications directly through the software.
  3. Integrated Billing: Combines clinical and financial data to simplify the billing process.
  4. Lab Integration: Centralizes lab results and orders, promoting quicker clinical decisions.
  5. Telemedicine Features: Facilitates virtual patient appointments, expanding care reach.
  6. Patient Portal: Empowers patients to manage appointments, view records, and communicate with providers.
  7. Mobile Access: Ensures that healthcare providers can access patient data from anywhere.
  8. Customizable Templates: Allows the software to be tailored to the specific needs of different medical specialties.
  9. Reporting and Analytics: Provides insights into medical practice performance and patient outcomes.
  10. Automated Patient Reminders: Enhances patient engagement and reduces no-show rates.

Standout Functionality

  • Customizable Templates: While many EHR systems offer standard templates, Sevocity's adaptability ensures each practice can mold the software uniquely.
  • Integrated Telemedicine: Sevocity’s integrated telemedicine sets it apart when virtual care is paramount.
  • Lab Integration: Its centralized approach to lab results and orders enables quicker and more informed clinical decisions.


Sevocity offers a variety of native integrations, such as labs and radiology centers. Additionally, they provide an API, allowing for flexible integration with other tools. The medical model has been enhanced with several features that specifically cater to mental health needs. There are add-ons available to enhance the software's capabilities for big, small, and startup practices.

Sevocity Pricing

Pricing upon request.

Ease of Use

Navigating Sevocity is generally intuitive, with its organized layout and responsive design. However, certain functionalities, like the customization of templates, might pose challenges for first-time EHR users, suggesting a steeper learning curve in some aspects.

Customer Support

Sevocity boasts a solid support team, offering various channels like phone and chat live support 24/7. Additionally, they have documentation and webinars for user education. However, some users have noted longer response times during peak hours.

Sevocity Use Case

Who would be a good fit for Sevocity?

From my assessment, Sevocity shines brightest in the hands of small to medium-sized healthcare practices, particularly those that prioritize an integrated approach to patient care such as podiatry clinics. Many primary care providers and specialty clinics find Sevocity's customizable templates and lab integration invaluable, tailoring the platform to their needs.

The tool excels in environments where patient engagement and streamlined operations sit at the forefront. The most loyal and avid customers typically hail from such settings, appreciating the balance between a robust feature set and user-friendly navigation. It seems that Sevocity fits best with teams that seek both depth in functionalities and flexibility in design, allowing them to focus on their primary mission: patient care.

Who would be a bad fit for Sevocity?

Sevocity might not be the best fit for large hospital networks or health systems that require a more complex, enterprise-level solution. Such settings often need extensive interoperability capabilities, multiple integrations, and advanced reporting that might stretch to use Sevocity beyond its optimal functionality. Moreover, institutions with various specialties that seek hyper-specific tools might find Sevocity's templates a tad generic for their taste. It also has no access to smartphones and iPads.

Additionally, healthcare environments with a high patient turnover, like urgent care facilities or large hospitals, might find the software less agile in handling a massive influx of data entry or rapid record retrievals. From the perspective of industries, while Sevocity is designed primarily for healthcare, institutions looking for cross-industry functionalities - say, healthcare combined with extensive research and publication needs - might feel limited.

Sevocity FAQs

What is Sevocity primarily used for?

Sevocity is primarily an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to manage patient information, streamline clinical workflows, and enhance patient care in healthcare settings. The software is used across various specialties in the healthcare industry, like pain management, mental health, pediatric health, occupational medicine, etc.

Does Sevocity offer customizable templates?

Sevocity offers customizable templates, allowing healthcare providers to tailor the platform to their clinical needs.

Is Sevocity suitable for specialty clinics?

Absolutely. Sevocity is adaptable to primary care providers and specialty clinics, offering specialized templates and tools for various medical fields and company sizes.

Does Sevocity provide integrations with lab systems?

Yes, Sevocity provides integration with several lab systems, facilitating smoother data transfer and enhancing clinical efficiency.

How does Sevocity prioritize patient data security?

Patient data security is paramount for Sevocity. The software adheres to strict HIPAA regulations and uses advanced encryption techniques to safeguard patient information.

Can patients access their records through Sevocity?

Sevocity features a patient portal where patients can securely access their medical records and appointment schedules and communicate with their healthcare providers.

Is there a mobile version or app for Sevocity?

Sevocity primarily operates as a web-based platform, and specific details on a mobile app should be checked directly with the company.

Does Sevocity provide training or support for new users?

Sevocity offers comprehensive web training and continuous support to ensure users can effectively utilize the platform to its full potential.

Alternatives to Sevocity

  • Epic Systems EMR: Often chosen for its vast functionalities catering to larger healthcare institutions.
  • Cerner: Preferred by many for its in-depth analytics and healthcare data solutions.
  • Allscripts: Favored for its holistic approach, integrating both EHR and practice management functionalities.

Sevocity Company Overview & History

Sevocity EHR is dedicated to providing Electronic Health Record solutions. Trusted by a myriad of healthcare practices, it's a part of Conceptual MindWorks, Inc. Owned by Conceptual MindWorks, its headquarters are in San Antonio, Texas. While not flashy with notable personnel, the company boasts a team dedicated to improving healthcare tech. Their mission revolves around delivering user-friendly, affordable EHR solutions. Founded in the late 1990s, Sevocity has adapted, incorporating new features to stay current in the ever-evolving med-tech landscape.


Sevocity is a formidable choice in the EHR and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) domain, especially for small to medium-sized healthcare practices. Its strong suit lies in its customization options, integrated telemedicine, and lab integration. While it might not cater to every single need of larger institutions, it provides robust solutions for its target audience. If you've had experiences with Sevocity, I invite you to share your insights.

By John Payne

John Payne is the co-founder and company director of Symphony Health. With over 20 years of management experience John is working alongside his wife, Dr. Kate Payne to build a multi-site Medical Practice where staff work collaboratively for the good of their patients. John is passionate about improving access to quality Healthcare in North Vancouver and sharing best practice with other people managing medical practices.