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Having spent decades immersed in medical tech, I've navigated countless software platforms and tools. My journey brings me today to PatientNow medical practice management software. I'll be sharing with you an in-depth analysis, ensuring you have the clear information to determine if this software aligns with your needs.

Point of Sale interface of PatientNow software, a review of the tool
This is the point-of-sale interface of PatientNow. Its system streamlines the checkout process. With it, your office staff becomes faster, more efficient, and more focused on your patients.

PatientNow Product Overview

PatientNow serves as a dedicated medical practice management software tailored to streamline administrative and clinical operations. Its design primarily caters to healthcare professionals, ranging from solo practitioners to sizable medical institutions.

By leveraging PatientNow, users can significantly reduce manual workload, particularly in areas such as patient scheduling, billing, charting, and record maintenance. A few of its distinctive features include an intuitive patient portal, a robust EMR system, and dynamic patient engagement tools.


  • Intuitive Portals: PatientNow's patient portals simplify patient-practitioner communications, fostering improved engagement and trust.
  • Dynamic EMR: The software boasts a robust electronic medical record system, ensuring documentation is efficient and patient data like demographics remains accurate.
  • Patient Engagement: PatientNow integrates unique tools that facilitate consistent patient communication, minimizing missed appointments and maximizing satisfaction.


  • Complex Onboarding: New users occasionally find PatientNow's initial setup and learning phase a bit challenging.
  • Integration Challenges: While versatile, PatientNow sometimes struggles when integrating with certain third-party applications, causing potential workflow disruptions.
  • Interface Issues: Few users have reported sporadic interface lags, which, although minor, can hinder productivity during high-demand periods.

Expert Opinion

Having navigated numerous medical practice management software companies, PatientNow brings to the table a unique blend of features and functionalities. It undeniably stands out with its EMR capabilities and its focus on patient engagement. However, when judging based on the ease of onboarding and third-party integrations, PatientNow has a few areas where it could refine further.

When choosing a provider, it's essential to weigh these factors against your clinic's specific needs. While it excels in areas of patient communication and record-keeping, establishments heavily reliant on a myriad of third-party tools might need to factor in occasional integration hitches. That said, in comparing it with other platforms, PatientNow finds its niche predominantly among establishments that value a blend of EMR efficiency and patient engagement for ultimate wellness and patient retention.

PatientNow: The Bottom Line

What sets PatientNow apart in the crowded market of medical practice management software is its harmonious blend of patient-centric features and administrative capabilities. While many platforms focus on one of these areas, PatientNow has made strides in ensuring both are given due importance. Its patient portal is notably user-friendly, offering a level of engagement few tools can match.

Additionally, its EMR functionality, while robust, manages to remain user-centric, ensuring data entry and access remain intuitive. For those prioritizing a balanced approach to management and patient interaction, HIPAA-compliant PatientNow surely stands as a noteworthy option.

PatientNow Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Appointment Scheduling - Yes
  2. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Yes
  3. Billing & Invoicing - Yes
  4. Patient Portal - Yes
  5. Insurance Verification - Yes
  6. Reporting & Analytics - Yes
  7. Patient Engagement Tools - Yes
  8. Prescribing Management - Yes
  9. Mobile App - Yes
  10. Document Management - Yes
  11. Task Management - No
  12. Reminders - Yes
  13. Telemedicine - No
  14. Inventory Management - No
  15. Revenue Cycle Management - Yes
  16. Compliance Tracking - Yes
  17. Multi-office Support - Yes
  18. Secure Messaging - Yes
  19. Image & Video Storage - Yes
  20. Integrations & API - Yes
  21. Customizable Templates - Yes
  22. Workflow Management - Yes
  23. Patient Education - No
  24. Audit Trail - Yes
  25. Cloud-based - Yes

Feature Overview

  1. Appointment Scheduling: PatientNow’s scheduling system enhances time management, reducing patient wait times.
  2. Electronic Medical Records (EMR): An intuitive EMR ensures patient data accuracy and efficient documentation.
  3. Patient Portal: A user-friendly portal promotes patient-practitioner engagement and simplifies communication.
  4. Billing & Invoicing: Automated payment processing features reduce errors and streamline revenue collection.
  5. Insurance Verification: PatientNow assists in seamless verification, saving time and reducing claim rejections.
  6. Patient Engagement Tools: These tools foster continuous patient interaction including followups, leading to improved satisfaction and more referrals.
  7. Secure Messaging: PatientNow offers encrypted messaging, prioritizing patient data privacy.
  8. Reporting & Analytics: The tool aids clinics in data-driven decision-making with real-time insights.
  9. Compliance Tracking: Ensuring adherence to health regulations and HIPAA becomes effortless with inbuilt compliance features.
  10. Document Management: Organize and access patient files with ease, promoting effective clinical practices.

Standout Functionality

  1. Robust EMR: While many platforms offer EMR, PatientNow is especially user-centric, prioritizing intuitive design and system automation.
  2. Dynamic Patient Engagement: PatientNow's unique engagement tools set it apart, promoting a high level of patient interaction.
  3. Secure Messaging: With growing concerns over data privacy, the tool's emphasis on encrypted communication stands out.


PatientNow integrates natively with several third-party tools, enhancing its overall functionality. Its API is well-documented, enabling custom integrations tailored to specific needs. Moreover, add-ons and extensions allow clinics to adapt the platform further, catering to unique operational demands.


Pricing upon request.

Ease of Use

Navigating PatientNow feels intuitive, with a well-organized interface that promotes efficiency. However, the initial onboarding might seem a tad overwhelming for those unfamiliar with such software. The tool's vast range of features requires a learning curve, but the investment pays off in streamlined operations.

Customer Support

PatientNow offers a decent support system, with multiple channels available for assistance. Documentation is comprehensive, aiding in quick problem resolution. Yet, some users have mentioned slower response times during peak hours, which can be a minor inconvenience.

PatientNow Use Case

Who would be a good fit for PatientNow?

Medium to large medical institutions, especially those focusing on patient-practitioner communication, will benefit immensely. Clinics that emphasize streamlined operations and efficient documentation will find that PatientNow's all-in-one offerings align with their goals.

Who would be a bad fit for PatientNow?

Smaller clinics or those not requiring an extensive feature set might find PatientNow excessive. Practices that prioritize telemedicine might feel underwhelmed.

PatientNow FAQs

Does PatientNow support telemedicine?

No, PatientNow does not have telemedicine capabilities.

Can I integrate other software with PatientNow?

Yes, PatientNow offers API integrations with several third-party tools.

Is PatientNow cloud-based?

Yes, it is a cloud-based EHR system.

Can I access PatientNow on mobile devices?

Yes, mobile access is supported using different devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, and more.

Alternatives to PatientNow

  • Epic Systems: Better suited for large healthcare networks requiring a comprehensive solution.
  • Cerner: Recognized for its hospital management capabilities.
  • AdvancedMD: Offers enhanced telemedicine solutions. Learn more about the software in this AdvancedMD review.

PatientNow Company Overview & History

PatientNow is a leading name in the medical practice management sphere. Trusted by many clinics and medical institutions, its primary focus is on patient-practitioner interaction. The company is privately owned, with headquarters located in the USA. It boasts a competent team dedicated to improving healthcare administration.

The company's mission is to provide tools to promote efficient healthcare practices. Over the years, PatientNow has introduced several innovative features, solidifying its reputation.


Through this user review, it's evident that PatientNow offers a comprehensive solution for medical practices. With its range of features, it caters well to medium to large institutions. While it shines in areas like patient engagement and EMR, there's room for improvement in areas like telemedicine.

Readers keen on improving their clinic's operations should consider PatientNow, but as always, individual needs vary. Share your experiences and overall rating with the tool in the comments below.

By John Payne

John Payne is the co-founder and company director of Symphony Health. With over 20 years of management experience John is working alongside his wife, Dr. Kate Payne to build a multi-site Medical Practice where staff work collaboratively for the good of their patients. John is passionate about improving access to quality Healthcare in North Vancouver and sharing best practice with other people managing medical practices.