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12 Best Speech Therapy Software Shortlist

After careful evaluation, I've handpicked 12 standout speech therapy software solutions tailored to overcome your therapy challenges:

  1. SynergyPT - Best for comprehensive progress tracking
  2. CentralReach - Best for collaborative care management
  3. bestPT - Best for integrated billing and documentation
  4. Fusion - Best for pediatric-specific needs
  5. PowerDiary - Best for streamlined appointment scheduling
  6. Practice - Best for scalable solutions in speech therapy
  7. PracticePro - Best for therapy outcome reporting
  8. Raintree - Best for multifaceted patient engagement
  9. NetHealth - Best for practice efficiency and growth
  10. ClinicSource - Best for customizable therapy templates
  11. Hellonote - Best for HIPAA-compliant documentation
  12. SimplePractice - Best for secure telehealth capabilities

In the evolving world of private practice and outpatient speech-language pathology, having a reliable software solution can be transformative. Whether you're using an Android device, iPad, iPhone, or just a simple mobile app, the right tool can make a world of difference in how you manage articulation therapy, ASHA compliance, and even overall practice profitability.

Take the software I'm going to introduce - it streamlines your therapy sessions, documentation, scheduling, and billing in one place. This simple change can alleviate common pain points such as fragmented workflows, disorganized documentation, and time-consuming administrative tasks. Trust me, I understand the challenges you face daily, and that's why I've committed to finding and sharing the best solutions with you. Stay tuned, and you might discover the exact tool you've been missing.

What is Speech Therapy Software?

Speech therapy software is a dynamic tool that provides a digital platform for speech therapists, speech pathologists, and other related professionals to efficiently manage and optimize their practice. Additionally, these software solutions offer features that aid in scheduling, documentation, billing, client management, and even conducting therapy sessions online. They serve as a bridge connecting clinicians, patients, and other stakeholders, thereby facilitating seamless communication and information exchange.

Moreover, they play a vital role in streamlining administrative tasks, allowing practitioners to dedicate more time to the therapeutic aspects of their work. Utilizing such technology enhances the overall effectiveness of treatment plans, leading to improved outcomes for those undergoing speech therapy.

Overviews of the 12 Best Speech Therapy Software

1. SynergyPT - Best for comprehensive progress tracking

SynergyPT speech therapy software interface
Here's the documentation and progress tracking feature in SynergyPT.

SynergyPT offers a feature-rich platform designed to cater to the diverse needs of speech therapists. With a particular focus on progress tracking, the software also allows for meticulous clinical documentation and analysis of patient progression over time.

Why I Picked SynergyPT:

After assessing multiple platforms, SynergyPT stood out with its robust features for tracking patient progress. It's my belief that this tool is the best for comprehensive progress tracking due to its intuitive design and focused approach to monitoring patient improvements. I found that SynergyPT excels at allowing therapists to document minute details of each therapy session, offering them an in-depth understanding of how a patient is evolving.

Standout features & integrations:

SynergyPT boasts a suite of useful features, including electronic medical records (EMR), patient scheduling, and secure messaging. Its EMR software functionality is particularly impressive, providing in-depth note-taking capabilities and making it easy to record and track progress over time. As for integrations, SynergyPT syncs seamlessly with various billing software, reducing the time therapists spend on administrative tasks.


SynergyPT's pricing starts from $49/user/month. Keep in mind, this comes with a one-time setup fee of $199.


  • Extensive progress tracking capabilities
  • Easy-to-use patient scheduling system
  • Secure messaging enhances patient communication


  • Higher starting price compared to other options
  • Initial setup fee required
  • Lacks some advanced features present in other platforms

2. CentralReach - Best for collaborative care management

CentralReach speech therapy software interface
Here's a screenshot of the CentralReach graph analysis feature.

CentralReach is a versatile software tool developed specifically for speech therapists and other allied health professionals. It excels in fostering collaboration among care teams, providing a unified platform for care management.

Why I Picked CentralReach:

In my search for the most effective speech therapy software, I chose CentralReach for its strong emphasis on collaborative care management. This platform stands out due to its holistic approach, enabling teams to work together seamlessly in managing patient care. CentralReach's design allows for the efficient sharing and updating of patient data among a care team, which is why it is my top choice for collaborative care management.

Standout features & integrations:

CentralReach boasts a range of critical features, such as electronic health records, practice management, data collection, and learning management. Moreover, the software's integration capabilities are noteworthy too, seamlessly linking with various billing and payroll systems like ABA bill system, helping clinics streamline their operations.


Pricing for CentralReach begins from $40/user/month, with a one-time implementation fee that varies based on the size and needs of your organization.


  • Comprehensive collaborative care features
  • Integration with payroll and billing systems
  • Robust data collection and learning management features


  • Additional cost for implementation
  • Steeper learning curve for new users
  • May be more suited to larger practices rather than individual therapists

3. bestPT - Best for integrated billing and documentation

bestPT speech therapy software interface
Here's the billing feature in bestPT.

bestPT offers an all-in-one solution for managing speech therapy practices, including features for billing, documentation, scheduling, and more. The software shines especially in its seamless integration of billing and documentation, streamlining operations, and reducing administrative tasks.

Why I Picked bestPT:

In evaluating various speech therapy tools, I found bestPT to have a unique and effective approach to combining billing and documentation. This integration also makes it stand out, reducing the time spent toggling between different systems for patient care and administrative tasks. Given this, I am confident in selecting bestPT as the best software for integrated billing and documentation.

Standout features & integrations:

bestPT provides a wide range of essential features such as electronic health records, patient scheduling, and most notably, integrated billing and documentation. It integrates well with major electronic health record systems and various third-party payment processors, ensuring a smooth workflow for clinics.


Pricing for bestPT starts from $199/user/month, making it a premium choice for practices looking for high-quality, integrated solutions.


  • Seamless integration of billing and documentation
  • Robust patient scheduling features
  • Integration with major electronic health record systems


  • Higher starting price than other options
  • Might be more complex for smaller practices
  • Limited to only English language support

4. Fusion - Best for pediatric-specific needs

Fusion speech therapy software interface
Here's Fusion's scheduling feature screenshot.

Fusion is a speech therapy software designed to cater specifically to pediatric needs. With its intuitive interface and specialized tools, it empowers therapists to provide effective, child-centered care.

Why I Picked Fusion:

My selection of Fusion was driven by its clear focus on pediatric care, a feature not found in many other tools. The software's thoughtful design also helps streamline pediatric speech therapy sessions, making it easier for therapists to connect with younger clients and track their progress. As such, I believe Fusion is best for practices that prioritize pediatric-specific needs.

Standout features & integrations:

Fusion's features include electronic medical records for OT, PT, & SLP practices, billing, scheduling, and specialized pediatric tracking tools. The software also integrates seamlessly with a variety of payment processors and health record systems, providing a smooth workflow for clinicians.


Pricing for Fusion starts at $149/user/month. This includes access to all features and integrations.


  • Focused on pediatric speech therapy needs
  • Comprehensive feature set including specialized pediatric tracking tools
  • Smooth integration with health record systems and payment processors


  • Starting price may be high for smaller practices
  • Limited focus may not suit practices serving a wide age range
  • The learning curve may be steeper for those new to specialized pediatric software

5. PowerDiary - Best for streamlined appointment scheduling

PowerDiary speech therapy software interface
Here's the appointment management feature in PowerDiary.

PowerDiary is a speech therapy software that brings efficiency to appointment scheduling and management. It optimizes the booking process and ensures therapists can dedicate more time to patient care rather than administrative tasks.

Why I Picked PowerDiary:

I picked PowerDiary for its robust appointment scheduling features, which stand out in the market. The tool automates booking tasks, making the process simpler and more efficient. Moreover, I hold the view that PowerDiary is best for practices seeking to streamline their appointment scheduling process.

Standout features & integrations:

PowerDiary's standout features include appointment scheduling, intake forms, reminders, invoicing, and client management tools. It also integrates with a variety of third-party tools, including Xero, Mailchimp, Stripe, Physiotrack, Medicare (AU), calendar systems, and payment gateways (debit card/credit card), aiding in further streamlining operations.


PowerDiary's pricing starts from $22/user/month (billed annually). This includes all primary features and standard integrations.


  • Efficient appointment scheduling tools
  • Wide range of integrations
  • Inclusive of invoicing and client management features


  • Annual billing may deter some users
  • Might be expensive for smaller practices
  • The feature set might be overwhelming for first-time users

6. Practice - Best for scalable solutions in speech therapy

Practice speech therapy software interface
Here's the client management feature screenshot in Practice

Practice is a comprehensive therapy management software with a focus on growth and scalability. The system also handles scheduling, documentation, billing, and reporting tasks to allow therapy businesses to expand without the constraint of administrative bottlenecks.

Why I Picked Practice:

I chose Practice for this list because it shines in providing scalable solutions that can grow with practice. Its mix of functionality, adaptability, and emphasis on growth makes it stand apart from its competitors. Therefore, I believe it's best suited for practices aiming for expansion and needing software that can scale with them.

Standout features & integrations:

Practice's features include appointment scheduling, documentation, comprehensive billing, and detailed reporting. Furthermore, it integrates smoothly with major billing and accounting software, adding convenience and reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.


Pricing for Practice starts at $60/user/month, making it an affordable option for growing practices.


  • Robust and scalable solution
  • Wide array of functionalities
  • Effective integrations with major accounting and billing software


  • Might be expensive for smaller practices
  • Initial setup can be complex
  • Some users might find the interface less intuitive compared to other software

7. PracticePro - Best for therapy outcome reporting

Practice Pro speech therapy software interface
Here's Practice Pro's scheduling feature, which shows patients' arrival, cancellation, no-show, and more.

PracticePro is a therapy management software designed to streamline practice workflows. It excels in outcomes reporting, making it an ideal tool for therapists who need a comprehensive view of patient progress.

Why I Picked PracticePro:

I selected PracticePro due to its robust outcome-reporting capabilities. In my judgment, the way it enables a thorough analysis of therapy outcomes sets it apart from other tools. Moreover, I decided it is the best tool for therapy practices that prioritize outcome reporting.

Standout features & integrations:

PracticePro shines with features like appointment scheduling software, electronic billing, and progress note documentation. However, its most remarkable aspect is its outcome reporting, providing in-depth insights into patient progress. It also offers integration with electronic health records and billing systems, ensuring a smooth flow of information across platforms.


PracticePro pricing begins from $20/user/month, which makes it an affordable choice for practices that focus on therapy outcome reporting.


  • Excellent outcome reporting features
  • Useful integration with EHR and billing systems
  • Reasonable pricing for its features


  • The interface might feel outdated to some users
  • Steeper learning curve compared to some other tools
  • Limited customization options

8. Raintree - Best for multifaceted patient engagement

Raintree speech therapy software interface
Here's Raintree's practice management feature.

Raintree is a comprehensive practice management system that combines speech therapy EMR and billing functionality. Its patient engagement tools, however, are its standout feature, enabling clinics to maintain a strong, proactive relationship with their patients.

Why I Picked Raintree:

I chose Raintree because of its impressive suite of patient engagement tools. In my comparison of various solutions, Raintree stood out due to the multiple ways it allows practices to connect with their patients, making it my pick for practices focused on fostering patient engagement.

Standout features & integrations:

Raintree offers a multitude of features, but its patient engagement tools are where it truly shines. It provides facilities for patient portals, appointment reminders, and patient satisfaction surveys. Raintree also offers integrations with other medical software, facilitating a more comprehensive and efficient workflow.


Raintree's pricing begins at $50/user/month. This cost reflects its wide range of functionalities, especially its robust patient engagement tools.


  • Extensive patient engagement tools
  • Useful integration with other medical software
  • Comprehensive features including EMR and billing


  • Relatively high starting price
  • The interface can be challenging for new users
  • Customer support may be slow to respond at times

9. NetHealth - Best for practice efficiency and growth

NethHealth speech therapy software interface
NetHealth's viewing calendar feature, which shows upcoming appointments.

NetHealth is a specialized software solution that assists therapy practices in streamlining operations and facilitating growth. It’s a comprehensive, cloud-based, all-in-one EMR solution is designed for speech-language pathologists (SLP). The tool also excels in enhancing practice efficiency, providing a range of functionalities that can help practices optimize their operations and position themselves for growth.

Why I Picked NetHealth:

After evaluating several software options, I chose NetHealth because of its focus on practice efficiency and growth. It also has a range of features designed to streamline workflows, reduce administrative tasks, and provide actionable insights for growth, making it stand out from other options.

Standout features & integrations:

NetHealth includes a robust set of features, like automated billing, scheduling, and comprehensive reporting, all of which contribute to improving practice efficiency. Moreover, NetHealth integrates seamlessly with a variety of other software, including EMR and EHR systems, enabling a smoother workflow across different platforms.


The pricing for NetHealth starts from $30/user/month. This starting price provides access to all core features necessary for enhancing practice efficiency and supporting growth.


  • Robust set of features aimed at improving practice efficiency
  • Seamless integration with EMR and EHR systems
  • Provides actionable insights for growth


  • Learning curve due to extensive features
  • Customer support may be slow
  • Higher starting price compared to some competitors

10. ClinicSource - Best for customizable therapy templates

ClinicSource speech therapy software interface
Here's the speech therapy form template of ClinicSource.

ClinicSource is a cloud-based practice management solution focusing on speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy that helps in scheduling and documenting the therapy appointments of the patients. It also specializes in offering customizable templates, which can streamline documentation, billing, and scheduling processes according to the unique needs of a practice.

Why I Picked ClinicSource:

I selected ClinicSource for this list primarily because it offers a high degree of customization, particularly with its therapy templates. The adaptability of these templates allows clinics to tailor the software to their specific operational needs, which is a rare find among such solutions. Additionally, I believe it is best for customizable therapy templates.

Standout features & integrations:

ClinicSource boasts several features such as appointment reminders, a client portal, insurance verification, and billing services- all of which can be tailored via their unique therapy templates. It can also integrate with a range of other software including electronic medical records (EMR) systems and various payment processing tools.


The starting price for ClinicSource is $59/user/month (billed annually). This offers access to all the core features including the customizable therapy templates.


  • Highly customizable therapy templates
  • Integration with various EMR systems and payment tools
  • Rich set of features to streamline clinic management


  • The customization process might be complex for some users
  • Costlier than some of the other options in the market
  • Requires commitment with annual billing

11. Hellonote - Best for HIPAA-compliant documentation

Hellonote speech therapy software interface
Here's the Hellonote scheduling feature screenshot.

Hellonote is a web-based healthcare platform that facilitates the seamless management of patient records in compliance with HIPAA. Also, its focused to simplify documentation processes for therapists, ensuring sensitive information stays secured and compliant.

Why I Picked Hellonote:

I chose Hellonote for this compilation as it stands out for its stringent adherence to HIPAA requirements in the documentation process. This focus on security and compliance, coupled with its user-friendly interface, makes it a valuable tool for any therapy practice. I am confident in stating that Hellonote is best for HIPAA-compliant documentation.

Standout features & integrations:

Hellonote provides robust features including customizable notes, electronic billing, and appointment reminders. Furthermore, it supports integration with various electronic health record (EHR) systems and payment gateways to ensure a more comprehensive practice management experience.


Hellonote offers pricing from $25/user/month. This includes access to all their standout features including the HIPAA-compliant documentation system.


  • Strict adherence to HIPAA requirements
  • Robust and user-friendly features
  • Supports integration with other EHR systems and payment gateways


  • Customizable note templates might require a learning curve
  • Cost could be a barrier for small practices
  • Limited customer support hours

12. SimplePractice - Best for secure telehealth capabilities

Simplepractice speech therapy software interface
Here's the telehealth feature in SimplePractice.

SimplePractice is an all-encompassing therapy practice management platform with a standout offering of secure telehealth capabilities. This robust solution also aims to streamline every aspect of a therapy practice, from scheduling and billing to secure video consultations.

Why I Picked SimplePractice:

When I was selecting the tools for this list, SimplePractice caught my attention due to its well-implemented telehealth capabilities, providing secure and reliable video consultations. The seamless integration of this feature into its practice management software makes it stand out from its competitors. For this reason, I believe SimplePractice is best for secure telehealth capabilities.

Standout features & integrations:

SimplePractice offers a comprehensive suite of features including appointment reminders, charting, insurance claim reimbursement filing, integrated credit card processing, and customizable note templates. Furthermore, it integrates well with Google Calendar and other billing software, providing a more efficient experience for therapists and patients alike.


Pricing for SimplePractice starts at $39/user/month. This cost also includes the highly-secure telehealth capabilities and comprehensive practice management features that are core to the SimplePractice experience.


  • Robust telehealth capabilities
  • Comprehensive suite of practice management features
  • Effective integration with calendar and billing software


  • Steeper learning curve due to its many features
  • Pricing might be higher for individual practitioners or small practices
  • Limited customization options for some features

Other Speech Therapy Software

Below is a list of additional speech therapy software that I shortlisted, but did not make it to the top 12. Definitely worth checking them out.

  1. vcita - Good for centralized client communication and scheduling
  2. Cliniko - Good for seamless multi-location management
  3. Acuity Scheduling - Good for automated appointment scheduling and reminders
  4. Noterro - Good for integrated clinic and remote session management
  5. Workbox - Good for streamlined invoicing and payment collection
  6. Therapy iQ - Good for comprehensive clinical note documentation
  7. OwlPractice - Good for enhanced practice management with a focus on privacy and security

Selection Criteria for Speech Therapy Software

After extensive research and personal experience, I can confidently say that I've tested numerous tools meant to streamline operations within speech therapy practices. Moreover, I evaluated over two dozen tools, and my primary focus was their ability to facilitate efficient patient management and secure data handling, which I will detail more below.

Core Functionality

In any high-quality speech therapy software, these core functionalities are non-negotiable:

  • Patient Records Management: The tool should allow you to store, access, and manage patient information with ease.
  • Appointment Scheduling: This feature is crucial for managing patient appointments, setting reminders, and avoiding scheduling conflicts.
  • Therapy Documentation: The tool should have capabilities for recording detailed therapy notes, tracking patient progress, and organizing these records for future reference.
  • Billing and Invoicing: Comprehensive financial management features to handle billing, invoicing, and payments.

Key Features

For speech therapy software, these features are especially important:

  • Customizable Templates: The software should offer adaptable templates for therapy documentation, fitting the diverse needs of various patient cases.
  • Secure Telehealth Capabilities: In the era of remote healthcare, the tool should also offer secure video conferencing features, adhering to all relevant healthcare privacy laws.
  • Integrated Communication: Efficient communication channels for liaising with patients and other healthcare professionals directly through the software.
  • HIPAA Compliant: Given the sensitivity of patient data, the software must comply with HIPAA regulations to ensure data privacy and security.


The usability of speech therapy software plays a significant role in its effectiveness:

  • User-friendly Interface: The tool should have an intuitive interface that's easy to navigate, even for users with minimal tech experience. For example, clear menu structures and visual patient management boards can aid usability.
  • Efficient Onboarding: Given the complexity of these tools, it's critical that they offer robust onboarding support, such as tutorial videos, guided tours, and responsive customer service.
  • Reliable Customer Support: Speedy and responsive customer support is a necessity, especially in the event of technical difficulties or data management issues. Ideally, support should be available through multiple channels such as live chat, email, and phone.
  • Role-based Access: This is crucial for larger practices where different team members need varying levels of access. The tool should offer easy configuration of role-based access to patient records and other sensitive data.

Most Common Questions Regarding Speech Therapy Software

What are the benefits of using speech therapy software?

Speech therapy software offers a range of benefits designed to streamline operations within a practice. These include:

  • Efficient Patient Management: These tools make it easy to store, access, and manage patient records, improving overall efficiency and organization within a practice.
  • Simplified Scheduling: With built-in scheduling features, managing appointments becomes much simpler, and scheduling conflicts can be easily avoided.
  • Secure Telehealth Capabilities: Many of these tools offer secure video conferencing for remote sessions, expanding the reach of your practice and offering convenience to your patients.
  • Customizable Therapy Documentation: Most software allows for the creation of tailored therapy notes, enhancing the tracking of individual patient progress.
  • Integrated Billing: Billing and invoicing features can streamline financial processes and ensure timely payments.

How much do speech therapy software tools usually cost?

Pricing for speech therapy software can vary widely based on the features offered, the size of the practice, and the number of users. Many tools operate on a per-user, per-month pricing model, meaning the cost increases with the number of users.

What is the typical range of pricing for these tools?

Typically, the cost of speech therapy software can range from around $20/user/month to $100/user/month, depending on the software's complexity and the suite of features it offers. Some advanced or enterprise-level solutions also might have higher costs.

What are the cheapest and most expensive speech therapy software?

While pricing can depend on specific plans and the number of users, as of my research, the most affordable option was SimplePractice, starting at around $39/user/month. In contrast, the more expensive options, such as vcita and WebPT, can go up to $59/user/month.

Are there any free speech therapy software options?

It's rare to find entirely free speech therapy software, mainly due to the advanced features and security compliance required for these tools. However, many providers offer free trials or limited free plans that allow users to test the software before committing to a full-featured plan.

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In summary, choosing the right speech therapy software depends significantly on your specific needs and use case. Whether you prioritize HIPAA-compliant documentation, customizable therapy templates, or robust telehealth capabilities, there's a tool out there that caters to your requirements.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand Your Needs: The first step in selecting the best speech therapy software is understanding what your practice needs. Do you need software with powerful scheduling capabilities, telehealth features, or an extensive template library? Identifying your needs will help narrow down your options.
  2. Prioritize Usability: Even the most feature-packed software can be a poor fit if it isn't user-friendly. Look for tools with intuitive interfaces, easy onboarding, and strong customer support.
  3. Consider Cost and Value: Pricing can vary widely, so consider what features and capabilities are most important to your practice and ensure you're getting good value for your investment. Remember, the most expensive option isn't always the best fit for your practice.

Armed with these key considerations and a clear understanding of what's available, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect speech therapy software for your practice.

What do you think?

Of course, there are countless tools out there, and I may have missed some great ones in this list. If you've found a speech therapy software that you love and wasn't mentioned here, please share it in the comments! I'm always on the lookout for new tools to explore and review. I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

John Payne
By John Payne

John Payne is the co-founder and company director of Symphony Health. With over 20 years of management experience John is working alongside his wife, Dr. Kate Payne to build a multi-site Medical Practice where staff work collaboratively for the good of their patients. John is passionate about improving access to quality Healthcare in North Vancouver and sharing best practice with other people managing medical practices.