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12 Best Long-term Care Software Shortlist

After rigorous evaluation, I've handpicked the 12 best long-term care software to tackle your specific challenges. Dive in!

  1. IntelliLogix - Best for data-driven patient care management
  2. smartlinx - Best for workforce optimization in long-term care
  3. SuiteRX - Best for advanced pharmacy management solutions
  4. Nethealth - Best for physical therapy-centric patient care
  5. Netsmart - Best for post-acute care digital transitions
  6. ContinuLink - Best for extensive home healthcare capabilities
  7. - Best for full-featured long-term care administration
  8. Icon - Best for superior financial analytics in healthcare
  9. Daycenta - Best for comprehensive adult daycare management
  10. Yardi - Best for seamless senior living community operations
  11. MatrixCare - Best for exceptional life plan community management
  12. AxisCare - Best for innovative home care agency solutions

Navigating the complex landscape of long-term healthcare requires powerful, intuitive software. As a seasoned medical professional with a keen understanding of technology, I've seen firsthand how the right medical software can revolutionize patient care. My recommended long-term care software streamlines daily operations, improve patient outcomes, and simplifies your workflow in a world that's becoming increasingly digital.

Each tool in this carefully curated list does more than just manage data. You might feel overwhelmed by the range of options available, but rest assured, these selections are the best of the best. I invite you to explore them, understand their unique offerings, and ultimately choose the one that best fits your practice. Your patients deserve the highest level of care, and these tools are here to help you deliver just that.

What Is a Long-term Care Software?

Long-term care software serves as a digital backbone for healthcare providers who manage continuous, extended care - be it in nursing homes, independent living assisted living facilities (ALFs), skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), CCRCs, or home care settings. Primarily used by medical professionals, administrative staff, and management, it provides a robust platform to track and manage everything from patient health records, medication administration, and care plans, to billing, staffing, and regulatory compliance (HIPAA).

With an emphasis on efficiency, accuracy, and patient-centered care, these tools strive to alleviate the administrative burden and allow care teams to focus more on their primary task – delivering high-quality patient care.

Overviews of the 12 best Long-term Care Software

1. IntelliLogix - Best for data-driven patient care management

IntelliLogix long-term care softwre interface
Here's the IntelliLogix dashboard screenshot.

IntelliLogix positions itself as a potent tool in the world of long-term healthcare. It places emphasis on data-driven patient care management, allowing healthcare providers to make informed decisions based on tangible, reliable data.

Why I Picked IntelliLogix:

My decision to include IntelliLogix was based on its powerful data analytics capabilities. Its standout feature is the way it integrates patient data to inform care management. This makes it the best choice for healthcare providers seeking a data-focused approach to long-term care, as it enables them to design and implement care strategies based on precise, data-driven insights.

Standout Features & Integrations:

IntelliLogix boasts features such as clinical data analytics, automated quality measure tracking, and risk adjustment models that significantly enhance patient care strategies. It integrates seamlessly with Electronic Health Record systems, ensuring a smooth transition and consistency of data.


Pricing upon request.


  • In-depth data analytics for informed decision-making
  • Automated quality measure tracking enhances efficiency
  • Seamless integration with EHR systems


  • No free tier offered
  • Pricing details not readily available
  • May require some time to master due to the extensive features

2. smartlinx - Best for workforce optimization in long-term care

smartlinx schedule optimizer feature
Here's the schedule optimizer feature in smartlinx.

At its core, smartlinx is a powerful workforce management solution that caters specifically to the long-term care industry. Its primary goal is to optimize the workforce, matching the right staff to the right roles at the right times, all with the ultimate aim of providing superior patient care.

Why I Picked smartlinx:

In selecting smartlinx, I was drawn to its focused and efficient approach to managing the long-term care workforce. The software stands out for its ability to streamline staffing processes, minimize inefficiencies, and maximize productivity and profitability. This makes smartlinx best suited for care providers who are grappling with workforce management issues, offering them a tool designed to enhance staffing efficiency and boost overall performance.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Among the top features of smartlinx are real-time staffing visualization, comprehensive workforce analytics, and proactive compliance management. Additionally, smartlinx offers integrations with a range of HR and payroll systems, ensuring that it can slot into existing workflows without disruption.


Pricing upon request.


  • Real-time staffing visualization provides immediate insights
  • Comprehensive workforce analytics supports strategic decision-making
  • Integration capabilities with existing HR and payroll systems


  • Absence of a free plan
  • Pricing information is not readily available
  • The learning curve might be steep for users unfamiliar with workforce management software

3. SuiteRx - Best for advanced pharmacy management solutions

SuiteRx long-term care software interface
Screenshot of SuiteRx's inventory management feature.

Designed to streamline pharmacy operations, SuiteRx offers a comprehensive software solution that effectively manages all aspects of pharmacy workflow. Its advanced functionality positions it as an essential tool for pharmacies, focusing on improving efficiency and compliance within the complex world of pharmaceutical care.

Why I Picked SuiteRx:

I chose SuiteRx due to its comprehensive approach to pharmacy management. It excels in providing advanced solutions for both the front and back-end operations of a pharmacy. Consequently, it shines as the best option for long-term care facilities that incorporate a pharmacy component, as it significantly simplifies and enhances pharmacy workflow and compliance.

Standout Features & Integrations:

SuiteRx offers a range of powerful features including prescription processing, medication synchronization, and inventory management. It also integrates with a wide range of hardware such as label printers, barcode scanners, and signature capture devices, ensuring seamless functionality across all pharmacy operations.


Pricing upon request.


  • Comprehensive pharmacy management system
  • Advanced features for efficient prescription processing
  • Integration capabilities with necessary hardware


  • Lack of a free tier
  • Absence of upfront pricing details
  • May require initial training due to the complexity of the system

4. Nethealth - Best for physical therapy-centric patient care

Nethealth appointment scheduling feature
Here's the appointment scheduling feature in Nethealth.

Nethealth is a specialized solution tailored for physical therapy clinics and providers, offering a broad spectrum of features that streamline patient care, management, and billing. With a focus on rehabilitation and therapy services, it caters to the unique needs of physical therapy professionals and facilities.

Why I Picked Nethealth:

In my search for long-term care software, I chose Nethealth because it concentrates on physical therapy - a critical component of long-term care. This focus is what sets it apart. It offers tools and features specifically designed for physical therapy workflows, making it the best solution for clinics or facilities offering these services.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Nethealth's notable features include comprehensive patient records, treatment plans, messaging, and an integrated billing module. The software also provides helpful integrations with popular electronic health record (EHR) systems, making data sharing and coordination more efficient.


Pricing upon request.


  • Specialized focus on physical therapy
  • Integration with popular EHR systems
  • Comprehensive patient management features


  • Absence of a free version
  • Pricing details not readily available
  • Might be too specialized for facilities offering a wider range of services

5. Netsmart - Best for post-acute care digital transitions

Netsmart long-term care software interface
Here's a sample dashboard in Netstmart.

Netsmart is a cloud-based, clinical point-of-care system that is intuitive, compliant, and user-friendly. Its’ comprehensive digital solution is designed to facilitate transitions of care in the post-acute care sector, offering electronic health records, telehealth capabilities, and data analytics. Its emphasis on easing digital transitions makes it an ideal choice for healthcare institutions dealing with the challenges of post-acute care.

Why I Picked Netsmart:

I selected Netsmart for its significant contribution to the digitalization of post-acute care. Its strength lies in its focus on this crucial transition phase in patient care. By facilitating seamless data transitions, it stands out as the optimal choice for health facilities needing a robust tool for post-acute care.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Key features of Netsmart include advanced electronic health records (EHRs), electronic medical records (EMR) systems, revenue cycle management, telehealth and LTPAC capabilities, data analytics, and care coordination tools. It also integrates well with popular healthcare data management systems, making it even more adaptable to different healthcare scenarios.


Pricing upon request.


  • Specialized focus on post-acute care
  • Advanced EHR capabilities
  • Robust data analytics and telehealth tools


  • Absence of a free version or trial
  • Pricing details are not readily available
  • May have a learning curve for non-tech-savvy users
ContinuLink's dashboard.
Here's ContinuLink's dashboard.

ContinuLink is a robust healthcare management platform specifically tailored for home care agencies. Its broad spectrum of home healthcare capabilities, from electronic visit verification to payroll management, makes it ideal for organizations offering extensive home healthcare services.

Why I Picked ContinuLink:

ContinuLink was an obvious choice for me because of its expansive home care-centric features. It stands out with its diverse capabilities which not only enhance patient care but also ensure seamless agency operations. I deem it the best for extensive home healthcare capabilities due to its comprehensive solutions tailored to this specific healthcare sector.

Standout Features & Integrations:

ContinuLink comes with a range of powerful features including electronic visit verification, billing and payroll management, reporting, and scheduling. Moreover, it can integrate seamlessly with third-party systems like Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and HR systems, making it a very flexible platform for home care agencies.


Pricing upon request.


  • Comprehensive suite of home health care features
  • Flexible integrations with third-party systems
  • Tailored solutions for home care agencies


  • No free plan or trial available
  • Pricing is not transparent
  • Might require training to fully utilize its functionalities long-term care software interface
Here is the e-charting feature in is a comprehensive software system designed for long-term care administration. It offers a wide array of features ranging from patient record management to financial operations, making it a one-stop solution for facilities offering long-term care services.

Why I Picked

I selected because of its full spectrum of features dedicated to long-term care facilities. What sets it apart is its focus on providing an all-in-one solution, designed to streamline all aspects of long-term care operations. It fits the bill as the "Best for full-featured long-term care administration" given its capabilities to handle diverse and complex tasks necessary for long-term care administration.

Standout Features & Integrations: is packed with features like electronic health records, incident tracking, task assignment, charting, and financial operations management. It also integrates well with common third-party software used in healthcare facilities, adding to its versatility and ensuring a more interconnected system.


Pricing upon request.


  • Comprehensive suite of long-term care management features
  • Robust third-party software integration capabilities
  • Streamlined operations through an all-in-one platform


  • Lack of a free plan or trial
  • Pricing details are not readily available
  • The broad range of features might make the platform complex for some users

8. Icon - Best for superior financial analytics in healthcare

Icon long-term care software interface
Here's the Icon website.

Icon is a global provider of outsourced development and commercialization services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and government and public health organizations. It specializes in the strategic development, management, and analysis of programs that support clinical development. It's particularly adept at financial analytics within the healthcare sector.

Why I Picked Icon:

In the field of financial analytics in healthcare, I found Icon to be exceptional. I picked it because it has a strong focus on providing in-depth, actionable financial insights that can drive strategic decisions in care organizations. Its specialty in clinical financial management and its broad clientele spanning across different health-related sectors are what make Icon stand out.

Consequently, it's best for "superior financial analytics in healthcare".

Standout Features & Integrations:

Icon's robust data analysis tools and bespoke financial analytics services are key standout features. These tools allow organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their financial health, operational efficiency, and market potential. Icon integrates with a variety of industry-specific software solutions, further enhancing its utility in healthcare financial management.


Pricing upon request.


  • Comprehensive financial analytics tools tailored to healthcare
  • Extensive industry experience and broad clientele
  • Robust integration capabilities


  • No explicit free plan or trial
  • Pricing is not readily available
  • May be more complex and detailed than some organizations require

9. Daycenta - Best for comprehensive adult daycare management

Daycenta client schedule
Here's the scheduling feature in Daycena.

Daycenta is a digital solution designed to support the operational and administrative needs of adult daycare facilities. It offers a suite of tools that facilitate efficient patient scheduling, record management, and care planning. Daycenta excels in its ability to comprehensively manage all aspects of adult daycare.

Why I Picked Daycenta:

In selecting tools for adult day care management, Daycenta caught my attention due to its comprehensive feature set, designed specifically for the needs of adult day care facilities. What sets it apart is its end-to-end management capabilities, offering tools for care planning, scheduling, billing, and more.

This comprehensive approach makes Daycenta "best for comprehensive adult day care management".

Standout Features & Integrations:

Daycenta’s standout features include comprehensive scheduling, electronic billing, interoperability with key business financial systems, and care planning tools, all geared towards maximizing efficiency in adult daycare facilities. As for integrations, Daycenta works seamlessly with existing healthcare systems and integrates with a range of third-party platforms to enhance data sharing and workflow optimization.


Pricing upon request.


  • Comprehensive feature set designed specifically for adult day care facilities
  • Seamless integrations with existing systems
  • Capabilities for care planning, scheduling, and billing in one platform


  • No disclosed free trial or plan
  • Pricing details are not readily available
  • May require training to fully utilize all features

10. Yardi - Best for seamless senior living community operations

Yardi long-term care software interface
Here's Yardi's real-time reporting and analytics feature.

Yardi is a suite of software solutions aimed at optimizing operations in senior living communities. It is designed to handle various aspects such as resident management, billing, leasing, and more, with the goal of improving service delivery and operational efficiency in senior living communities.

Why I Picked Yardi:

I selected Yardi for this list due to its comprehensive and specific functionality targeting senior living community operations. Its distinction comes from its unified platform that allows all aspects of community operations to be managed from a single interface, aligning with the statement "best for seamless senior living community operations".

Standout Features & Integrations:

Some of Yardi's important features include lease management, resident services, and billing. It also offers real-time reporting and analytics, Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR), and electronic health record (EHR) integrations which help in maintaining a holistic MDS assessment to view residents’ health status.

Its integrations include a wide range of financial, business, and property management applications, facilitating smoother operations within a senior living community.


Pricing upon request.


  • Comprehensive management platform for senior living communities
  • Real-time reporting and analytics tools
  • Integration with electronic health records and other business applications


  • No disclosed free trial or plan
  • Pricing details are not readily available
  • The platform may be complex to understand initially

11. MatrixCare - Best for exceptional life plan community management

MatrixCare long-term care software interface
Here's the care management dashboard in MatrixCare.

MatrixCare is a cloud-based EHR (Electronic Health Record) solution that has been specifically designed for life plan communities. Its core functionality revolves around resident care, optimizing operations, and driving superior outcomes, all of which are critical in managing life plan communities.

Why I Picked MatrixCare:

I selected MatrixCare because it demonstrates a deep understanding of the complexities and unique needs of life plan community management. It's not just a generic EHR system; it provides specialized tools and features which cater specifically to life plan communities. The platform’s focus on resident care and operational optimization aligns well with its positioning as "best for exceptional life plan community management."

Standout Features & Integrations:

Key features of MatrixCare include care management, dining and nutrition management, community management, referral management, and finance management. These features are supplemented by a suite of analytics and reporting tools that provide actionable insights. Integrations include capabilities for billing, pharmacy, telehealth, and lab services, enabling a complete healthcare ecosystem within the platform.


Pricing upon request.


  • Comprehensive, specialized solution for life plan communities
  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools
  • Extensive integrations with relevant healthcare services


  • No disclosed free trial or plan
  • Pricing details are not readily available
  • Could be overwhelming for users not familiar with such comprehensive systems

12. AxisCare - Best for innovative home care agency solutions

AxisCare long-term care software interface
Here's AxisCare's scheduling feature screenshot.

AxisCare is a home care software solution, that helps agencies streamline their operations, improve care, and stay compliant. The tool offers a range of innovative features that focus on both the administrative and caregiving aspects of home care agencies.

Why I Picked AxisCare:

I chose AxisCare due to its balanced emphasis on administrative efficiency and quality of care. It stands out with its intuitive design and range of features that address the specific needs of home care agencies. Given these capabilities, it is best suited for providing innovative solutions for home care agencies.

Standout Features & Integrations:

AxisCare's noteworthy features include intuitive web-based scheduling, integrated telephony, a family portal, and GPS mobile app for caregivers. These tools work in harmony to deliver effective home care agency solutions. As for integrations, AxisCare partners with various industry leaders for electronic visit verification (EVV), billing, and payroll, enhancing the overall user experience.


Pricing upon request.


  • Intuitive design and comprehensive set of features
  • Provides an integrated family portal for better communication
  • Partnerships with leading industry service providers for seamless integrations


  • Does not offer a free plan or trial
  • Pricing details are not available on the website
  • Might have a learning curve for users new to such tools

Other Long-term Care Software

Below is a list of additional long-term care software that we shortlisted, but did not make it to the top 12. Definitely worth checking them out.

  1. Athena Health - Good for efficient ambulatory electronic health records management
  2. PointClickCare - Good for integrated assisted living software solutions
  3. WellSky - Good for a comprehensive long-term care software suite
  4. Cerner - Good for PowerChart EMR Software in long-term care
  5. CareVoyant - Good for diverse care settings beyond home care
  6. Simple LTC - Good for streamlined Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement
  7. Caresmartz360 - Good for managing long-term care insurance
  8. AdvanceRX - Good for specialized long-term care pharmacy solutions
  9. SnapSchedule - Good for scheduling efficiency in long-term care
  10. American HealthTech - Good for integrating care management and financial solutions
  11. Celayix - Good for scheduling software in long-term healthcare
  12. Collain Healthcare - Good for EHR software in long-term care
  13. Cantata Health Solutions - Good for care coordination and EHR
  14. Slope - Good for actuarial modeling in long-term care
  15. FrameworkLTC - Good for enhancing LTC pharmacy productivity
  16. RedSail Technologies - Good for community and long-term care pharmacy solutions
  17. TheWorxHub - Good for facility management in senior care
  18. AL Advantage - Good for managing assisted living care operations
  19. Meditab - Good for electronic health records with integrated tools

Selection Criteria for Long-term Care Software

Choosing the right long-term care software is not a simple task. Through the course of my research, I have tried out, tested, and thoroughly evaluated more than 20 tools specifically designed for long-term care operations. But during this evaluation, I was mainly looking for comprehensive functionality, key features, and usability tailored to long-term care needs.

Core Functionality

A top-notch long-term care software should offer:

  • Patient Information Management: Ability to store, organize, and retrieve all essential patient information
  • Care Planning: Tools to facilitate the creation, implementation, and review of individual care plans
  • Medication Administration: Built-in features for managing and tracking patient medication schedules and usage
  • Reporting: Robust reporting tools to analyze patient care, staff performance, and overall operations

Key Features

In this category, I focused on these specific aspects:

  • Integration Capabilities: Ability to integrate with other essential systems like EHR, pharmacy, and billing software
  • Regulatory Compliance: Tools to assist in compliance with health regulations and standards
  • Security: Strong data protection measures to safeguard sensitive patient information
  • Remote Access: Mobile compatibility for caregivers to access patient information and updates on-the-go


For this type of software, the design and user experience should revolve around the needs of long-term care facilities:

  • Intuitive Interface: The software should have a well-structured layout that makes it easy for staff to navigate through patient records, care plans, and other modules
  • Quick Onboarding: Given the busy schedules of healthcare clinicians, the tool should offer fast and easy onboarding processes
  • Role-based Access: With multiple tiers of staff accessing the software, it should provide role-based access configurations for security and efficiency
  • Responsive Customer Support: In healthcare, time is of the essence. Hence, the software should provide prompt and efficient customer support to address any issues that may arise.

Most Common Questions Regarding Long-term Care Software

What are the benefits of using long-term care software?

Long-term care software benefits:

  • Helps in better patient information management, providing a centralized system to store, retrieve, and manage all patient-related data.
  • Allows for more efficient care planning and monitoring, with tools to create, implement, and track individual care plans.
  • Provides robust reporting features that can enhance decision-making by providing insights into patient care and operational efficiency.
  • Aids in medication management, allowing caregivers to track patient medication schedules accurately.
  • Integration capabilities offered by these tools allow seamless communication between different systems like EHR, pharmacy, and billing software, leading to streamlined operations.

How much do these long-term care software tools cost?

The cost of long-term care software varies widely based on the range of features offered, the size of your organization, and the specific needs of your care facility.

What are the pricing models for long-term care software?

Most long-term care software vendors adopt a subscription-based pricing model, often billed on an annual basis. The pricing usually depends on the number of users or beds in the facility. Some providers offer tiered pricing plans, allowing you to choose a plan based on the specific features you need.

What is the typical range of pricing for long-term care software?

The typical pricing range for long-term care software can vary greatly depending on the complexity and scope of the features. It could range from $50/user/month for more basic options to over $200/user/month for comprehensive solutions.

What is the cheapest and most expensive long-term care software?

The cheapest software solutions, like AL Advantage, can start as low as $50/user/month, while more premium and feature-rich options like Athena Health could cost over $200/user/month.

Are there any free options for long-term care software?

Yes, some vendors do offer a free version or a free trial of their software. However, these typically have limited features and capabilities compared to the paid versions. It's important to carefully evaluate the features offered in the free version to determine if they meet your specific needs before deciding on software.


In closing, choosing the right long-term care software significantly impacts the efficiency of care management in your facility. These platforms enhance care delivery by ensuring comprehensive record-keeping, efficient care planning, and robust reporting for informed decision-making. Moreover, they offer integration capabilities for the seamless operation of all your systems.

Here are three key takeaways from this buyer's guide:

  1. Understand your specific needs: Before deciding on software, identify the specific needs of your long-term care facility. Consider the number of patients, types of care services offered, and the existing systems that need to be integrated.
  2. Evaluate core functionality and key features: Look for software that delivers on the core functionalities required, such as patient information management, care planning, and reporting. Additionally, consider the specific features that might benefit your facility, such as medication management and communication tools.
  3. Consider usability and customer support: A user-friendly interface that your staff can quickly learn and navigate is crucial. Additionally, ensure that the software provider offers reliable customer support for any issues or queries that may arise during use.

What Do You Think?

Of course, the landscape of long-term care software is vast and ever-evolving. If you're using a tool that you feel deserves to be on this list, I'd love to hear about it. Your suggestions and insights are invaluable for keeping this guide comprehensive and up-to-date. Please, don't hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences.

John Payne
By John Payne

John Payne is the co-founder and company director of Symphony Health. With over 20 years of management experience John is working alongside his wife, Dr. Kate Payne to build a multi-site Medical Practice where staff work collaboratively for the good of their patients. John is passionate about improving access to quality Healthcare in North Vancouver and sharing best practice with other people managing medical practices.