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With decades of experience in medical tech, I've seen what works and what doesn't. In this Accuro review, you'll get an exhaustive look at Accuro EMR software to help you decide if it's the right fit for your practice. I'll cover everything from usability to ROI, so you can make an informed choice.

Accuro review showing the patient information
Accuro helps you maintain access to all the information and resources you need from anywhere.

Accuro EMR Software Overview

Accuro is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software designed to manage patient data and streamline workflows in healthcare settings. It targets clinicians, healthcare admins, and support staff. Accuro aims to enhance productivity while reducing administrative burdens. This software addresses pain points such as complicated data entry, time-consuming patient management, and lack of interoperability. Its standout features include intuitive dashboards, customizable templates, and robust analytics.


  • Intuitive Interface: Navigating the software feels natural, making it easier for clinicians to focus on patient care.
  • Customization: Accuro allows users to tailor templates and workflows, ensuring they align with the unique needs of the practice.
  • Interoperability: This software can integrate with other systems, reducing manual data entry and lowering the chance for errors.


  • Learning Curve: While user-friendly, some features can take time to master, slowing down initial implementation.
  • Resource Intensive: Accuro demands high computing power, making it less suitable for older hardware systems.
  • Limited Third-Party Apps: Compared to other EMR platforms, Accuro lacks a comprehensive library of third-party app integrations.

Expert Opinion

After comparing Accuro with other EMR software on the market, I've found it to be a strong but not infallible choice. Its customization options and intuitive interface make it a contender, but the learning curve and system requirements might not make it a fit for every setting. When it comes to choosing an EMR, your unique needs and existing tech infrastructure play key roles. In terms of ease of onboarding, Accuro performs well, though be prepared to invest in hardware if your systems are dated. For those seeking robust analytics and customizable solutions, Accuro does outperform many of its competitors.

Accuro: The Bottom Line

What sets Accuro apart is its focus on reducing administrative burdens, allowing clinicians to concentrate more on patient care. While many EMRs offer data management, Accuro goes further with features like customizable templates and detailed analytics. The software's ability to integrate smoothly with other systems is also a notable benefit, albeit with room for expansion in third-party app options. If a balance between in-depth functionality and user-friendly design is what you seek, Accuro offers this in spades.

Accuro Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Patient Demographics - Yes
  2. Appointment Scheduling - Yes
  3. Clinical Charting - Yes
  4. ePrescribing - Yes
  5. Medication Tracking - Yes
  6. Billing and Claims Management - Yes
  7. Secure Messaging - Yes
  8. Document Management - Yes
  9. Lab Order Integration - Yes
  10. EHR Interoperability - Yes
  11. Reporting and Analytics - Yes
  12. Telemedicine - Yes
  13. Patient Portal - Yes
  14. Care Coordination - Yes
  15. Voice Recognition - Yes
  16. Customizable Templates - Yes
  17. Patient Education - Yes
  18. Workflow Management - Yes
  19. Audit Trails - Yes
  20. Patient Reminders - Yes
  21. ICD/CPT Coding - Yes
  22. Data Import/Export - Yes
  23. Task Management - Yes
  24. Cloud Backup - Yes
  25. Remote Access - Yes

Feature Overview

  1. Patient Demographics: The software centralizes all patient information, making it instantly accessible for healthcare staff.
  2. Appointment Scheduling: It offers a comprehensive calendar that streamlines booking and rescheduling.
  3. Clinical Charting: Accuro provides visually intuitive charting, making data entry and retrieval less burdensome.
  4. ePrescribing: One can prescribe medications directly through the platform, cutting down on paper use and potential for error.
  5. Billing and Claims Management: It offers a detailed financial dashboard that simplifies billing, claims, and reimbursements.
  6. Secure Messaging: The internal messaging system is secure and HIPAA-compliant, enhancing communication within the clinic.
  7. Document Management: The software supports document upload and organization, making patient files easily accessible.
  8. Lab Order Integration: Accuro seamlessly interfaces with labs, enabling swift, automated ordering and receiving of tests.
  9. Customizable Templates: What sets this apart is the depth of customization, allowing practices to adapt the software to their specific needs.
  10. Reporting and Analytics: Accuro's robust analytics provide a nuanced understanding of a practice's operations and outcomes.
accuro review - software dashboard
See all your appointments and information related to your professional medical activity in one place

Standout Functionality

  1. Customizable Templates: Accuro allows deeper customization than most, letting you design workflow components to your specifications.
  2. Lab Order Integration: The software goes beyond basic lab integrations, offering features that make it easy to correlate lab results with patient data.
  3. Secure Messaging: Unlike many others, Accuro includes a built-in, HIPAA-compliant messaging system for both internal and external communication.


  • Accuro integrates natively with various laboratory systems for seamless lab order processing.
  • It also supports HL7 standards, facilitating integration with other healthcare management systems.
  • Accuro offers an API, allowing custom integrations tailored to specific practice needs.
  • Additional add-ons are available to extend capabilities such as advanced analytics and enhanced patient engagement.


  • Basic Plan: Priced at $300/user/month, the basic plan covers essential features like charting, appointment scheduling, and billing.
  • Advanced Plan: At $400/user/month, this plan adds functionalities like telemedicine, analytics, and advanced customization.
  • Enterprise Plan: The price is upon request and includes all available features, targeted for large practices or healthcare networks.

Note: All plans are billed annually. A one-time setup fee applies.

Ease of Use

Accuro's interface is generally intuitive, but certain advanced functionalities can require a deeper understanding and may take time to master. The onboarding process is smooth, thanks in part to available training resources. The software's organization and navigation are robust, making it easier for users to find what they need. However, due to its extensive feature set, some users might find specific sections or functionalities a bit complex at first.

Customer Support

Accuro offers a range of customer support channels including email, phone support, and live chat. They also provide resources like documentation and webinars to help users navigate the software. While their response times are generally good, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the depth of technical knowledge on complex issues.

Accuro Use Case

Who would be a good fit for Accuro?

Accuro fits well in medium to large healthcare organizations that need robust, all-encompassing EMR solutions. It works particularly well in environments that require a high level of customization and deal with a wide range of healthcare services. Its most loyal customers are those in specialized medical practices who make full use of its diverse feature set, including customizable templates and advanced analytics.

Who would be a bad fit for  Accuro?

Small healthcare organizations or clinics that need only basic functionalities might find Accuro overwhelming. The system could be viewed as cumbersome and expensive for settings that don't require such a comprehensive feature set. Practices that lack the tech resources to make full use of advanced functionalities may also find it less beneficial.

Accuro FAQs

What are the system requirements for Accuro?

Accuro is a web-based platform that can run on most modern browsers, eliminating the need for special hardware.

Does Accuro offer telemedicine functionalities?

Yes, Accuro supports telemedicine, allowing healthcare providers to conduct online consultations.

How secure is Accuro?

Accuro is HIPAA-compliant and employs multiple layers of security measures, including data encryption.

Is Accuro customizable?

Accuro offers a high degree of customization, allowing you to modify templates, reporting, and workflows.

Can Accuro handle billing and claims?

Yes, Accuro offers comprehensive billing and claims management features.

Does Accuro offer a patient portal?

Yes, it offers a patient portal that allows patients to book appointments, view records, and communicate with healthcare providers.

What kind of training does Accuro offer?

Accuro provides webinars, documentation, and online tutorials for training purposes.

Is it possible to import data from another EMR into Accuro?

Yes, Accuro supports data import and can help you transition from your existing EMR system.

Alternatives to Accuro

  • Epic Systems: Ideal for large hospitals that require a wide range of specialized modules.
  • Cerner: Better for healthcare systems that focus on interoperability and data exchange.
  • NextGen Healthcare: Works well for practices looking for a mobile-friendly interface and robust practice management features.

Accuro Company Overview & History

Accuro is a comprehensive EMR software solution designed for healthcare organizations of various sizes. Based in Canada, the company serves both Canadian and international markets. It is owned by QHR Technologies, a subsidiary of Loblaw Companies Limited. The company aims to revolutionize healthcare through innovation and technology. Founded in 2004, notable milestones include its acquisition by QHR Technologies in 2016 and the introduction of its telemedicine feature in 2020.


Accuro offers an expansive range of features tailored for medium to large healthcare organizations. While it has its minor drawbacks, such as complexities in some advanced functionalities, the overall functionality and customization options are robust. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below, and for more information on EMR options, visit our medical tools section.

By John Payne

John Payne is the co-founder and company director of Symphony Health. With over 20 years of management experience John is working alongside his wife, Dr. Kate Payne to build a multi-site Medical Practice where staff work collaboratively for the good of their patients. John is passionate about improving access to quality Healthcare in North Vancouver and sharing best practice with other people managing medical practices.